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Making Marketing Affordable

I remember being a high school kid 10 years ago and thinking it would be the coolest thing for our farm to have a website. I didn't have any justification as to why we needed one, my 17 year old brain was just caught up on the cool factor.

My quick search resulted in a list of big time marketing companies who wanted several thousand dollars to build a website. I was going to con my parents into a lot of things, but that much money was not going to happen. At the time I didn't know what Wordpress was, I'd never seen a line of HTML code and CSS meant nothing to me. I resigned myself to the idea we just couldn't afford to be cool and life went on.

Then came college and two degrees later I knew there was much more to a website than the cool factor. It's about legitimacy, professionalism, content, expertise and so much more. I learned Wordpress and builders are awesome, HTML isn't that scary and CSS is just what makes it all look good. From there, I built the farm a website, and made a logo, and designed ads and all these things we'd needed over the years but couldn't justify paying an arm and a leg for. I realized then if I could do it for us, I could do it for other farms too. Thus LHD was born.

Now 6 years later we've evolved into as much of a one stop shop as we can be. We cater to small businesses just like us with price points that work for everyone. We've worked with farmers and ranchers, christian authors, wedding venues, oilfield companies, internet companies, pharmacies, restaurants, waste companies, feed dealers and more to bring affordable marketing services to rural Texas as well as Florida, New Mexico and Oklahoma just to name a few.

We offer a wide variety of services including website design and maintenance, photography, and video services, social media management, graphic design, t-shirts, promotional products, vinyl decals, etching and more.

As a global pandemic continues to wreck havoc on small businesses, know that LHD is here to help. Keep your marketing personal and affordable with a small town company that's here for you!

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