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2022 PLANS

Why should I consider social media management?

There are several reasons, but most people start with time. Free up your own time by delegating this task to a competent and capable agency. It puts the burden on us to keep up with the industry and understand what's happening with popular platforms. You'll also get consistent content that's well branded to fit your companies needs. 

Why choose LHD?

We are a small business, just like you, and we understand the rewarding struggle that is owning a small business. With just 2.5 employees, you'll deal with a real person, typically the same person, every time you contact us. No constant turn over and switching of account managers like you'll find at some larger firms. We are located in Lingleville, Texas and happy to meet in person to help you put a face with a name as well.

What are organic content updates?

These are the typical, everyday posts we make to our Facebook pages that are not ads. With your plan, LHD will create a set number of posts for you and they'll be scheduled to post throughout the month.

What will you post? 

This depends on your business but we like to post a wide variety of things. Engaging content related to your business, photos of your work, and appropriate funny memes can all make great content options for the month, but we promise not to fill your page with funny cat photos. It's all about balance and finding what your audience engages most with.

Where will you post?

Totally up to you! We can post content across up to 2 platforms for the packages above. Need help with a specialty platform like Pinterest? Give us a shout and we can create you a custom plan. 

What is comment monitoring?

We all know that people tend to speak a little more freely when hidden behind a computer screen. Our goal is to not full censor anyone who doesn't agree with you/your business but to keep derogatory and inappropriate comments off of your pages. We keep an eye on comment notifications and always check them out as soon as possible. 

What can I expect from the video?

Not only is video content engaging, social platforms really like it. The video we post for you can be anything from first hand footage we edit to a still compilation to stock footage that applies well to your business. If you're working on a cool project or have a great customer review, let us know, those can be fantastic video projects. 

Monthly reports?

When we invoice you for the month, we will include details on how the month went. Engagement, likes, follows, etc. We just want to help you see what you're getting for your investment. 

Are these the only plan options?

No, not at all. These are our most common options. If you need us to custom build you a plan, contact us and we are happy to make that happen.

How does billing work?

We bill on the 20th of the month for that months services with payment due the 1st of the following month. You can pay with cash, card, check, bank transfer or Venmo. We are happy to keep a card on file and run monthly for you. 

Is there a contract?

While we ask all new clients to sign an agreement for our services, you aren't committed to any period of service. You are free to terminate management service at any time. We will pro-rate a final invoice for the length of service from the pervious invoice.

What if LHD misses something that month?

Lets be honest, life happens. While we are professionals in the industry, we are a small two and a half person office and things do happen. If we miss executing on any portion of your package, you'll receive a pro-rated invoice for that month reflecting the missing portion, or we will add any missing portions to your next month's package. On the flip side, if you have a month that needs more coverage than your plan offers, let us know and we can pro-rate in extra pieces as well. 

What about ads?

We are happy to help you run ads on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Ad creation and set up charges are not included in the monthly plan price. Please contact us to learn more about advertising options. 





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